Celebrate good times!

The month of December has arrived and it means MANY reasons to celebrate in our family. Check out all these fantastic festivities that we have got lined up:

3 December: My mom and dad’s 35th wedding anniversary

4 December: minimac’s arrival

7 December: my mom’s birthday

15 December: Our second wedding anniversary

19 December: Father-in-law’s 60th birthday

20 December: Posh cousin Angie’s birthday – she’s 23 this year!

24/25 December: Christmas!

31 December: Mother-in-law’s birthday


Wishing you ALL a blessed festive season – may you also have plenty of reasons to celebrate, love and feast!


  • http://www.GerneGutLeben.com Maria Haupt

    Dearest Marita,

    love to read your posts !!! Wish you the very very best especially for the 4th and happy happy celebrating of all “reasons” up there. Best wishes to your family too.