I recently had the privilege of having meals delivered to my door for two awesome weeks. Why?

Well if you hadn’t heard. I had a baby. We had a baby.

And the wonderful women in the community group that I belong to did what they do when anyone in the community has a baby – they bring a meal. At first I was reluctant – my mom had stayed with us for 2 months after the baby was born – and plenty a meal was cooked by her. I felt guilty to be showered with more meals.

Also, I worried that I hadn’t been involved with the community group for long enough to have earned it. I hadn’t done the time or cooked any meals for any of them yet. As you can tell, I struggle with being a good receiver. I agonised over it until Laura said: ‘just accept that we want to bless you’…

and how blessed I was! (below is just a tiny selection of what arrived on my doorstep)

The meals arrived on trays, in tupperware, in elegant bakeware, in practical take-away style foil and paper tubs. There were side dishes of salad, vegetables and daintily cut fruit. There were cupcakes, homemade brownies, GU pots, ramekins with mini crumbles and biscuits. Every meal was sent with care, all prepared by working mums who have a lot on their plate. These women are professionals at this. I want to be like them when I grow up.

And there I was, after putting the baby to bed at 7pm (which can sometimes go on until 8:30pm) treading brokenly tired down the stairs to a meal all done. bliss.

The thing about receiving an outpouring of kindness like this is that it instantly inspires you to pay it forward. You know what a difference a ready cooked meal can make. When you’re next faced with a situation where someone else is in your position, you will boil the kettle to cook the macaroni for your awesome mac and cheese

because that’s community…

And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.


  • Sabrina Raaff

    Oh bless, M. How wonderful! I’m in tears. When human beings are good, they are very very good, huh?

    • Marita

      For sure Bina, I’m so lucky!

  • Alta Kritzinger

    My dearest Marita, you are so blessed! This is grace – gifts undeserved, and keep you going.