dragon delicious

Gong xi fa cai to all my Chinese and Singaporean friends!

This brilliantly intricate cardboard dragon was my paper anniversary gift to my husband, which I bought at Muji. The dragon was flat-packed in four sheets and every little part was numbered and had to be popped out and added in a sequence to form the structure. I just love design that is simplistic and complex at the same time.

And how appropriate that this is the Year of the Dragon…

The dragon is the only animal of the Chinese zodiac year that is not ‘real’. The Chinese dragon is not regarded as a threatening evil being but rather a symbol of power, superiority  and rule. So in other words, it’s a symbol of leadership, entwined with a mythological creature.

Based on these attributes, what I’m taking from it is that this year calls me to lead. More so than in previous years. I need to lead in my personal life and not be a victim to my own preconceptions. I need to lead in my relationships (in terms of being a positive energy and contributing to enhancing others’ lives). I need to lead in my communities (my work, my profession and locally where I live). And I need to lead as custodian of Mother Earth (a lofty claim but i’ll be expanding on this in future blogs).

Just like the cardboard dragon, 2012 arrived flat-packed and I’m building my own fabulous creature out of it. Its backbone is formed by my writing because this is my core ability and where I interpret the world from.

You can be sure this creature will grow a smoking long tail, wings, legs and a fiery belly as the year progresses…



  • Caroline

    Hi Marita, I so admire the sentiment. I really hope 2012 brings what you are looking for.

    • Marita

      thank you Caroline!! and the same to you :)