#Fail Friday

One of my fave blogs is My Unpublished Life by fellow Rhodes journ graduate, Melissa Gardner. One of her regular features is ‘It’s okay Friday’ in which she lets herself off the hook for her less than desirable traits – it’s very funny and I’ve adapted the idea (thanks Melissa!) into my own version of this, called #Fail Friday.

The phrase ‘hashtag fail’ is commonly used in our household when we, or others, really stuff something up. Because sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself and others for being a little bit incorrect at times.

and with that, here is the inaugural #Fail Friday for this week

  • dreaming that one of the girls I graduated with is a presenter on Daybreak, and waking up feeling a bit envious of her (!)
  • spending more than £250 on my dog this week because he started shaking uncontrollably and panting. Diagnostics sure are expensive! and thank goodness for pet insurance
  • not referencing or attributing my mother-in-law in my blogpost about the stoofvlees recipe (yup, she noticed! – thanks for reading my blog Krissie :)
  • COMPLETELY forgetting it’s my dad’s birthday on Sunday and having to be reminded by my mom
  • having to apply for a settlement visa to continue living in the UK – a LOT of forms and a lot of money *sulks*
  • trying to read Die muur van die Pes by Andre Brink in order to refresh my Afrikaans  – I’m on page 3 and I’ve been reading it since the start of January!
  • Allowing myself to be convinced by my husband, who was sleep talking, into getting up and letting the dog out at 3am because he said it was 6am!
  • falling asleep through the final episode of Sherlock for the third time (I’m determined to watch it this weekend – if it’s still on the iPlayer!)
  • Finding myself cleaning up before the cleaner arrives because I have this instinctive urge to have a clean house before a guest arrives (i know!)
  • Not knowing what the correct protocol is for Poinsettia maintenance post Christmas. I mean, do I just let it go…or do I plant it out and bring it back in next Christmas?

It’s been a great week and I’m utterly grateful for my health, my family, my amazingly brilliant husband and my funny dog.

have a lovely weekend all!



  • http://unpublishedworksofme.blogspot.com Melissa Gardiner

    Hi Marita!
    So glad you are enjoying the blog and really pleased that you have chosen to modify the idea and play with it. It is such a great post to do, and I have loved letting everyone in on my weekly #fails.

    Thanks for reading! Oh and good luck with the settlement visa! I have just over a year before I have to apply – it is so daunting!

    • Marita

      :) thanks Melissa!!