#Fail Friday

and another week rolls by!

here are my latest #fails

  • getting annoyed by substitutions in my home delivered groceries (I mean, when is a blackberry the same as a blueberry, or green beans the same as purple sprouting broccoli!)
  • telling delivery man how annoyed I am about the substitutions in my home delivered groceries (not really his fault or his problem)
  • complaining (a terrible habit that gets you nowhere)
  • swearing loudly (and upsetting the dog)
  • looking for hidden meanings behind random things and thinking the universe is sending me a message when it’s actually just my over-active imagination playing tricks on me
  • not being able to concentrate for more than 20 minutes at a time
  • not sleeping enough
  • fantasising about spending an entire day at the cinema watching back to back films including Star Wars in 3D – when I should be working…
  • limping around for three days with massive lactic acid in my calves in a house full of stairs…ouch!
  • looking at the month of June in my calendar and getting excited for my birthday (i LOVE birthdays)
  • have my grammar corrected extensively in a document that I thought was okay (the shame!)
  • discovering amazing new blogs all the time and comparing mine to them and feeling inadequate
  • having a bad case of homesickness  – it’s been more than a year since I stood on South African soil *sobs*
  • leaving myself very little time to study for an important test

I feel like I always need to end these with a positive affirmation because no week is EVER an entire failure when you have your health. I’m SO incredibly grateful to be healthy and for investing in my health every day with nutritious food and exercise – it feels so good to feel good!

bon weekend!

  • http://unpublishedworksofme.blogspot.com Melissa Gardiner

    Hi Marita!

    Oh my goodness I can completely relate to so many of those – especially the swearing (I need to do a lot less of that … especially in the office), and comparing my blogs to others and feeling inadequate. It’s like there is a secret society of bloggers out there that I am just not part of … They all just seem to get it.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Marita

      i’m so pleased I’m not the only one when it comes to some of these fails. I have already got a few more for the next week :) If it’s worth anything I think your blog is very good – it has a ‘voice’ and you do very interesting things with it – you’re one of the ones who ‘get’s it’!