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I can’t remember when this happened and whether it was actually a conscious decision, but I don’t read women’s magazines anymore. Except for Vogue…because it’s in another league – it’s not perfect but it has far more going for it than your average shoe-filled double page spreads of insecurity and failure packaged as success. In fact, I ONLY read these when I’m at the hairdresser and ONLY for the shoes, every feature on how great it is to be a celebrity, how to skyrocket your sex life, get a six pack, or style my hair like a celeb makes me want to blow my brains out because of the poor journalism and the fact that women are collectively doing this to themselves without realising.

So what do I do instead? I read blogs by real, intelligent and witty women. Here are some of my daily and weekly staple blogs


Okay and the next two appeal to the more superficial woman in me – don’t judge!
Romy and the bunnies [includes features on what to do when you take your baby to Paris and she pukes on her cashmere onesie]
Goop [includes features on what to do with ALL THAT DESIGNER FURNITURE IN YOUR THIRD HOUSE that just doesn’t match!]

I like they way these two are compiled, beautifully branded with an intelligent content strategy. These women are rich and successful and don’t need to work, but instead invest their time in creating something beautiful and unique. I admire that.

I feel my time is much better spent in the company of all these brilliant people.




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    Wow, thank you so much for the mention! I absolutely love reading your blog too :) Already read Raising Men but excited to discover those other new ones to add to my list! X