Laughing out loud

I have a rather quirky sense of humour. I love me a good word play and I’m particularly tickled by intertextual references. I probably got this from my dad. Here is a recent exchange we had by email that had me rofl…

Me (as caption to above photo): Bathtime bandit

Dad: And where did you escape from? Bathcatraz?

Me: No, Bathtanamo Bay


I’ve mentioned before how funny my husband is. Well, there are some jokes that send me into hysterics that he just doesn’t get. I showed him my ‘Funnies’ board on Pinterest recently and there were some that I had to explain to him (which, as we all know, totally ruins a joke). I am hoping my sharp-witted friends Lindsey, Kate and Mel find these funny…


Is it just me? Did you find any of these funny? If you did, you might enjoy my Funnies board

Thank you for laughing!