Make: Scandinavian gingerbread biscuits


Let’s face it, the Scandinavians know a thing or two about embracing winter. They go further than that, they make it chic. This Scandinavian gingerbread recipe that I use is pretty awesome. Known as ‘pepparkakor’ you can take a shortcut and buy this in the nationwide flatpack furniture stores of the blue and yellow variety – but this way is far more fun and will impress your friends and possibly even your kids. I actually cannot wait for Gus to be old enough to join me on this annual gingerbread biscuit making tradition.

You could probably also make this with gluten-free flour – but then again, looking at the amount of sugar going into the dough, why bother….rather have something 100% bad than just half bad I say!

Also, you will need a pestle and mortar to make this – unless you already have a jar of ground cardamom in your pantry (?!). This part is quite fiddly because you have to split open the pale green husks (I do it with my teeth – don’t judge!) and release the tiny  black lumps before grinding them up. The smell is beautifully pungent and will clear your airways – inhale its gorgeousness while you wipe your brow because you need to grind enough for 2 tablespoons – it will feel like 100 cardamom pods, but it’s only about 50. I know – but it is really worth it!

Oh and definitely make the entire batch of dough as per the recipe – you can freeze half if you don’t want to make a tonne of biscuits in one go. And give it 24 hours in the fridge…it makes the gingerbreadiness just pop!


Here is the recipe link and also an interesting story about how I once nearly died in Stockholm…click here