My pregnancy diary blog series


Thank you for reading mywordpie! This is my Pregnancy Diary blog series, an account of my 25 day hospital stay in November-December 2012 at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital. I have changed the names of all the patients and doctors in my story out of respect for their privacy.

Here is an overview of the diary entries. I hope you enjoy reading and would love your feedback!

  1. Premonition
  2. Waiting Game
  3. To cry over chicken pie
  4. Time warp
  5. The impatient patient
  6.  Getting grapes
  7. Monkey Nuts
  8. My heart
  9. The biscuits and the tea
  10. Veronica
  11. 5 star suite
  12. Lists
  13. The get out of jail free card
  14. Conquering
  15. Santa
  16. Finding the blessings
  17. The JOY
  18. Getting showered
  19. Mothering
  20. Ready, steady…EEEK!
  21. Let’s have this baby!
  22. Angus Jacob Macdonald
  23. My BABY!
  24. Toast
  25. Changing
  26. High and low


  • Alta

    My kind! Your story is si incredibly beautiful

    • Marita

      dankie mamma :)