My TOP 10 what to get when you’re expecting: gear for a newborn part 2

And here is the long awaited part two of my Top 10 newborn must-haves!

If you missed part one, you can check it out here 

6. The bouncy chair I wouldn’t recommend any particular brand as I think these guys come pretty standard, but a bouncy chair you will definitely need! At first I had no idea that we would use one of these. Then my lovely in-laws bought us one in the most fab shade of blue…and Gus loved it as you can see.


It has some cute dangly toys (I sewed bells on their tails for added appeal) and plays a few tunes like ‘You are my sunshine’ and ‘If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands’. You will find yourself humming these tunes to yourself long after the baby has gone to sleep at night! It also vibrates! Gus was really chuffed to go in his chair and I soon realised what a valuable asset it was…because it meant I could strap him in and take five minutes and send that one last email…

The additional benefit in our house was that the chair is ‘Leo-height’ which meant that Gus could really begin to interact with his dog and have some fun.



Gus is now too heavy for the chair and has migrated to the Snug but we definitely got a lot of use out of the bouncy chair and I would recommend it to anyone!


7. The lifty-inny

Also known as a sleepsuit or onesie, we dubbed it the ‘lifty-inny’ at our bathtime ritual where we would lift a screaming Gus onto the suit, like paramedics put people on a stretcher with one person holding the top half and the other person the bottom. Gus loved baths but didn’t enjoy the fussing and creams that came afterwards, so we had to learn to dress him very quickly and in the most fuss-free manner possible.

A genuine lifty-inny has poppers running down the front centre of the garment and these split into two branches down the legs. Don’t get ones that have poppers running down the side, the back or anywhere else except in these standard positions. And when you do up all the poppers and discover an odd one that can’t be ‘popped’, don’t blame the fact that it was made in China. All the poppers match, you’ve simply done them up wrong and the only way to fix it is to start again! Get loads of these, they are fab! (unless of course it’s a hot summer or you live in a very warm climate. Then go for sleeveless or short sleeved vests – they do the same job. In case you were wondering, this photo below was taken with the cot cam which I’ve mentioned here.


8. The cherry dummy

See top right corner in below picture for example of a cherry dummy. I’ve included this in my list because it was another one of those things I NEVER thought would be necessary. In fact, before I had Gus I didn’t want my child to have any dummies. Then my clever and resourceful sister in law (again!) gave me a pack of three dummies and said ‘you may never use them but it’s just nice to have these in the drawer for when you don’t know what else to do when your baby is crying’. Wise words! The cherry dummy was a Gina Ford recommendation and helped us a great deal because Gus found it really hard to suck on those fancypants orthodontic dummies when he was tiny. They always just fell out of his mouth but the cherries stayed in. As you can imagine, the cherry shape is easier for a little mouth to clasp onto. I guess they are not recommended because their shape can affect dentofacial development if your baby has one 24-7. To be honest, he was never really that fussed about a dummy and as soon as he discovered his thumb preferred that far more, but it was really good in the early days to be able to give him the dummy for soothing. Nowadays, Gus likes to hold a dummy in one hand above his head and examine it with the other just before he falls asleep, chewing it occasionally if I’ve put some Bonjela on it when he’s teething (which is another interesting use for the dummy because teething gel just goes everywhere and this helps for a bit more targeted local application to the gums affected). Who would have thought!?


9. The muslin

When somebody hands you a newborn baby to hold, they will always give you a muslin to drape over your shoulder. Because babies have oopsies. Quite a lot of oopsies. And muslins become your go-to solution for wiping up just about anything that comes out of a baby. Stack them high and put them in accessible places around the house (your kitchen will always need one) and don’t forget to put at least two in the changing bag. You can thank me later. You cannot have enough of these.

I followed Gina Ford’s advice and got all of mine in white so they can go on a hot wash in the washing machine, but there are some lovely printed and colourful ones out there that should definitely be included in the mix to brighten things up a bit!

What’s really sweet as well is that babies like the texture and you will find many stroking or snuggling their muslins (or ‘lappies’ as they are known in our house). Gus likes to rub them between his fingers – it’s adorable!



This was another wild card gift that I had never heard of before I received it. Sock-ons do what they say on the tin: they keep socks on! Because baby socks fall off. And if you want to be seen as a good parent, you can’t let your baby’s feet get too cold. When the midwife made her first house visit the day after we got back from the hospital I proudly called the ‘sock-ups’ when she asked what they were. Although it describes what they do, this of course sounded remarkably like something else and she burst out laughing, but at the time I had no idea why. I was a bit slow on the uptake in those dark early days. Nevertheless these really work and are very cute. A bit fiddly to get on, but once on they stay put and you can rest assured you won’t be leaving a sock trail on your next trip out with the baby!



Thanks for reading guys! I’ll be making a list for 3-6 month essentials too so stay tuned! I’d love to hear what products you found useful and which you didn’t. Please leave your comments on the blog or post on the Facebook page here

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