I love most vegetables (I am told as a baby I would froth at the mouth at the prospect of peas) but the aubergine-eggplant-brinjal is a firm favourite. I especially like the silky texture of the skin and the soft creamy centre. There’s not much you need to do to make aubergine taste lovely – grilled with olive oil and black pepper – done!

An all-time favourite recipe in our household is moussaka. I can bribe my husband with just about anything in return for this mediterranean delight. I use Rick Stein’s recipe and it works every time.

Things that are a must with this recipe is good quality minced lamb. Yes, sorry for the baby sheep, but I try not to think about it too much. Lamb is deliciously fragrant (and the ultimate is Karoo-lamb – best enjoyed slow roasted in the vast silence of the Karoo) and gives this dish a fabulous depth of flavour. Another must is individually grilling/frying the aubergine slices. This activity is made less tedious with a George Foreman grill and olive oil spray.


et voila!

 smaaklike ete!

  • Annie

    Marita, your blog is fast becoming my ” fix” of the day. Today I will be dreaming mainly of Moussaka and Greece :-)

    • Marita

      ah thanks Annie!! that’s some lovely daydreaming, I think I’ll join you :)

  • alta kritzinger

    Heerlik, liefie – jy skryf en kook so lekker!

    • Marita

      dankie mamma!

  • Melody

    Your husbands favourite, and mariano’s worthiness test :)

    • Marita

      haha yes!