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“Print doesn’t get more personal than this” Huck Magazine

I sit and listen to Les Jones talking with his hands and describing how he assembles the Elsie magazine for distribution at his kitchen table, inserting weird and random postcards and prints like presents between the pages, selecting the pens, each envelope addressed with a different hand-drawn typeface, with his dog popping up from underneath to inspect the progress – a most delightful assembly line where nothing is mass produced. This guy, just sitting in his kitchen in a little village in North Wales. And I feel one thing as he talks: envy.

Because all us ‘creative’ types have this dream. To tinker away at our own projects, in our own time with our own agendas to make something truly splendid. We say things to ourselves like, one day, when my kids are grown up or I save enough money..I am going to write a book/build an ark…etc. Ask any creative person, some might shock you with what they have in mind, others won’t tell you because they think their dream idea is so brilliant that everyone will copy it the instant they hear about it. Yup, we’re weird that way.

Here we have brilliant man who has built his life around his passion, someone who has been bold enough to carve out time (beautiful billable hours) to dedicate it to this hatchling project and make it amazing, unique. His own print magazine, designed, written, photographed, edited, distributed by himself. Each issue only has 1000 copies. That’s Elsie.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a magazine snob. Nothing gets my blood boiling more than bad print journalism. There is so much trash written every day about stupid things that don’t matter, and written so poorly! Predictable, cliched, advertising-masked as editorial content. Which is why I adore Elsie and what it stands for. I read this and smile from cover to cover. My soul says YES! More of this please!

If you want to catch a glimpse of Elsie, the kitchen table, Les and his dog then watch this delightful video

This is my copy of Elsie #2 – sporting the ‘crocodile’ front cover.



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