The positive spin


I was going to do a #FailFriday post yesterday but this week I’ve failed too many times and none of it was funny, and I didn’t want to cry about it all again! So because today is Saturday I will rather rejoice in all the things that were splendid this week:

  • Buying our tickets to South Africa for a holiday in December
  • Buying size 12-18 month batman swimming trunks (on sale!) for Gus for his upcoming first trip to South Africa
  • Spending two wonderfully relaxing hours in my friend Elli’s beautiful garden on a Thursday morning amid the chaos that was my working week
  • Being able to slam a tractor tyre with a sledgehammer really hard over and over again at the gym (the mental health benefits far outweigh the physical health benefits of this particular exercise)
  • Rejoicing in my friend Mel’s purchasing of 20 000 (yes!) sparkly crystally things for her wedding decor. And then she ordered another 5000 because they were just so darn amazing (double yes!)
  • Jumping for joy that our blue recycling bin was finally emptied so I can resume my OCD recycling tendencies
  • Breaking my broom (accidentally, possibly related to my caffeine intake that morning). I didn’t like that broom very much anyway.
  • Planning my long overdue weekend trip to Surrey with Gus to see my lovely girl friends down south!
  • Booking a babysitter and restaurant for AUGUST DATE NIGHT!!!!!!!
  • Doing something completely different for a client and getting a positive response
  • Having one of those conversations with the husband about how my goals for next year are too lofty and impossible to achieve on so many levels and him reassuring me that it can be done and giving me a plan of how I can get there…
  • Being able to make Gus laugh out loud most days. This is possibly the highlight of any day. When he laughs he does so with his whole belly.face.mouth and it is the most beautiful sound in the world. Of course I’m biased!

Here’s to getting things sorted next week!

Happy weekend everyone!

Big love





  • Sarah Fidd

    Confession….. went looking for “Fail Friday” yesterday for some smiles, but no

    • Marita

      Sorry to disappoint Sarah! But rest assured there are many more funny fails being documented for a future corker as we speak :)