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I’ve blogged before about how amazing it is to receive a cooked meal from somebody and the joy of paying it forward. Well, in some countries folks have become really organised at this type of thing and have developed THIS. Which takes it to a whole new level of organisational awesomeness! (Thanks Laura for showing this to me!)

One of the many great things about being a parent is that you know what to get ‘new’ parents and what to say to them. And really, unless they’re a bit odd, every new parent will appreciate a home cooked meal.

My go-to meal for new parents tends to be macaroni cheese – well, my adaptation of Lorraine Pascale’s ‘Glam mac and cheese’. It has that optimum ratio of carbs to fat that makes it the ultimate comfort food. In fact, there is nothing that can redeem this meal, not even a side salad, so go ahead and serve it with a garlic bread!!

I made one last night (it’s failproof!) and here are the photos. Unlike Lorraine, I use mature cheddar because I didn’t really know what dolcelatte is and I worry that not everyone will appreciate very smelly cheeses. I also bought a stack of handy take-away containers so that you don’t put the meal recipients in that awkward position of having to return your dish – finding the time to do it and feeling like they need to return the favour. I also realised last night that the benefit of putting them in this size container is that it’s actually portion sized versus having the entire mac and cheese in one enormous tub!

photo (29)

Warning: looking at this photo may clog your arteries! Behold the golden gooeyness of butter, double cream and cheese!

photo (28)

photo (27)

The crunchy topping: breadcrumbs and grated parmesan cheese – yes MORE CHEESE!

photo (26)

photo (25)

photo (24)


Happy weekend everyone! More regular blogging to resume next week :)