Who’s your daddy?


“When you realise how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky” Buddha

This photo is one of my favourites of your dad. It was taken on Robberg Beach in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, the day before our wedding. At this stage the wedding ceremony was to take place on a secluded part of this particular beach. But that morning the cumulonimbus clouds began to churn up the sky and temperatures dropped as a fierce wind picked up. It was the type of weather pattern that would last for days, bringing rain and cold.

All our carefully laid out plans which included a beach ceremony set-up complete with driftwood and shell-adorned canopy and live music were dashed.

It wasn’t an ideal situation but when you look at this photo all you can see is this happy man, chuckling at the sky…which doesn’t look nearly as grey and ominous as it actually was!

This is a guy you can get stranded with on an island and things will all work out okay. Just like our plan B ceremony venue did the next day, thanks to some quick thinking and flexibility. The last minute change of location was a breeze, the ceremony was even more special than we could have hoped for and the day was delightfully imperfectly perfect.

You’re a very lucky little boy to have him as your dad and here are just a few things you are going to learn from him…

  • How to ‘make a plan’. Just like the wedding day and on countless other occasions, your dad always makes a plan. He’s all about solutions.
  • Belief that anything is possible
  • Sheer determination – even if people disagree or a door is closed
  • Being fearless
  • Being ridiculously good at most things you put your mind to
  • Teaching yourself how something works with just the essential facts
  • Patience
  • The ability to make decisions quickly; not being afraid or deterred by a fear of being wrong or failing
  • Perfecting the art of switching off and completely relaxing
  • Having the knack to predict a plot or storyline for any film or tv programme before watching it
  • Loyalty
  • Stubbornness (although you might also learn this from me!)
  • Not to sweat the small stuff

and a few things you won’t learn from your dad…

  • DIY. Your father has MANY talents but this is not one of them.
  • Gardening. I’ll teach you how to mow a lawn, don’t worry!
  • Drinking beer (When you’re old enough…your Belgian family members can sort you out with that particular skill)


  • Seema

    This is so special! Particularly amused at the fact that he can predict the plot of every movie!

  • Alta kritzinger

    That’s him. May I add, the best teacher? He taught his fearful mother-in-law how to manage the basics of a GPS and to drive a newly hired car in a foreign country’ traffic, all in one go!

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